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This fraudster is a cyber criminal in Africa attempting to steal your money through online pet scams using free classified ad websites.

Scammer's phone number is 754-327-6544
Scammer's e-mail address is

Last used IP address was in Cameroon (The scam capital of the third world)

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I was so stupid and fell for

I was so stupid and fell for this mess. This guy is a pathetic piece of trash and doesn't speak much English at all. "Don't worry about a tin" is what he told me and after every sentence he says "ok" and even when he starts his sentences. These are the numbers he used on me (816)265-1356, he acts like he is a woman named Anne Mary at 1st then said his name is sherry Anne. He does not answer any calls and will not let u hear his voice through that number, he says the delivery people will call me about the shipment of animals and this number called 1-949-464-7240, that's the supposed delivery people but it's really him. He's an African with a huge accent and u will not understand "any tin" he says. He will lie to u and says he has a 15 year old son/family. He is a huge waste of human life and has nothing better to do. If anybody else has a problem with this piece of