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BOA Electronics spams free classified ad websites with junk ads trying to sell cellphones and electronics. Never trust any company using this type of tactic.

Spammer's listed phone number is 904-351-6485
Spammer's Whatsapp: +22998574087
Spammer's e-mail address is or

Last used IP address was (Laval, Quebec - Netelligent Hosting Services Inc.) May 5, 2015

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Fu*k to BOA electronics, its

Fu*k to BOA electronics, its a scamming site please dont fall. I have scammed by 400.00

I am also a victim of this

I am also a victim of this scam. BOA ELECTRONICS took Rs.7,66,000 INR from me. And they still want more money to deliver my parcel at my doorstep. They asked for money at every step like custom fees, import licence, delivery agency fees, security pass fees and now they want me to pay some india government tax. God knows what more taxex they want from me.
There is two people one is LORETTA SANTOS & second one is MR.ILOR.
They provided me invoice copy, they provided tracking number of some unknown courier company named as ALL REACH LOG SERVICES but all things are fake. They have their own websites.