Complaint about Rahul Jain in Janak Park, HARI NAGAR, New Delhi

We received complaints that Rahul Jain of Janak park in New Delhi is a cyber criminal and owner of multiple tech support scams targeting Canadians and Americans.

Postal Code: 110064

Scammer's phone number is +91.8586839416
Scammer's e-mail address is or

Also claims to be associated with (Phone +91 91361 35791) or Email:

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Rahul Jain is a scammer /

Rahul Jain is a scammer / Fraud. I got trapped in their scam for my quickbooks problem. I lost my $499.99 USD and later I realized that it's a scam. After some research I found the website using which I got trapped was related to this Rahul Jain. He run a few scam websites I could find while a self research.

Report him to the FTC and police.