James Peterson | pjames23402@gmail.com

This cyber criminal uses the alias James Peterson and attempts to harvest e-mail addresses from classified ads around the world. He contacts sellers and attempts to extract personal information and scam the victims.

Scammer's e-mail address is pjames23402@gmail.com

Last used IP address was (Stretford, United Kingdom - M247 Ltd) May 13, 2015

Recent Visitors to this Spammer's Page

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Another website he appears to

Another website he appears to be using is


Appears to be using

Appears to be using jpeterson725@outlook.com at the moment. You would think the Police could stop him after all this time

Using petersonj391@gmail.com

Using petersonj391@gmail.com too

He also uses the email:

He also uses the email: parkerwilson0055@outlook.com, samcharles02@outlook.com, markclarkjp@gmail.com, jamstam01@outlook.com, jackhenry102@outlook.com, frankjude01@outlook.com,
Also using this phone # 289-315-1880 (and many others) to text people in Canada + US for rental scams.
Problem is, he sends out detailed rental applications (which are pretty standard in real estate rentals) so he is also collecting a lot of personal info.
More details here:

** you'd think outlook could do something (??) - he always uses outlook....???

I just received a similar

I just received a similar email asking me to reply to jamespeterson1876@gmail. Must be the same guy.

I also just received an email

I also just received an email from jpeterson725@zoho.com.

He stated he had got my contact info from my website (impossible since all I have there is a form that gets sent to my email, no email address is shown there).

Also asked for something that I do not do and isn't even remotely related to anything that my business does (tons of red flags....)

Got to be the same guy or someone else that is lazy and is using the name.

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