This cyber criminal uses the alias Lamarra Crossty and scrapes websites in North America for e-mail addresses. They send out a generic message pretending to be interested in something you have for sale and attempt to get bank information or operate certified cheque scams. Ignore any e-mails you get from this address, they are likely operating from some 3rd world country.

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This person responded to my

This person responded to my ad for an executive personal assistant. Stating he/she was a licensed Realtor in more then 1 state as well as a lawyer. Lol. Too bad I am a licensed realtor in multi states and could check rosters and board & member abroad. When I replied stating I couldn't find your name but was interested in the opportunity, call me directly...I again got a reply saying, well fill in this personal information and send it back to me ASAP. Please...are there people that stupid out there?