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This international cyber criminal operates pet scams online and spams classified sites looking for innocent victims.

Scammer's e-mail address is
Scammer's text/sms number is (617) 433-7012

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Yes he just got me to 150

Yes he just got me to 150 saying my kitten will be shipped to me today and then he called me back and said he needed two more hundred to get the vaccines what stupid me I didn't look this up before cuz I was so excited but I just found out that it's true sorry to all of you
he has called me from three different numbers the first number he called from was this number the second number he called from was area code six one seven 433 7012 other number is area code three two zero 207 2133 that's the number he's trying to say is the delivery company such a bad man I hope he gets what's coming to him

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