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This fraudster posts cheap vehicles for sale on free classified websites to lure potential victims. Once you respond to their ad they will follow-up with their mushy BS story as seen below. Their initial posts have different e-mail addresses to mask their response address so we took the liberty of publishing it.

This cyber criminal appears to be based out of Lagos Nigeria or a nearby third world African country.

Scammer's Response e-mail address is
Scammer's initial e-mail addresses used were or

If you know of any other e-mail address this con artist uses please leave a comment below this post.

Text of the Scammer's follow-up

Thanks for Contacting me about my Car. Before we go further i will
like Introduce my self to you, my name is Andem, and i work with
Project hope to work in US, Canada and the rest of the world as an
assisting coordination director in the Health Care and education
Department to the Organization, to help in training the staff
necessary to operate hospitals, clinics and community health programs,
there by making such services readily available for the needy people
around the globe especially the third world countries suffering from
the Ebola outbreak. Visit our websites for more info on the project hope website.

Once more thanks for viewing this beautiful 2002 Honda Civic
automatic. The exterior paint is in good condition and you can tell it
was taken care of. The vehicle's interior looks great and it is in far
better condition than what is expected for its age. All interior
components seem to be in good working order. The engine starts
straight up with absolutely no problems and the transmission shifts
very smoothly. I have driven this car for about 110770 Miles. It's a
nice solid running car.

This car is amazing. They are tough to find in this great of shape. If
you have been in the market for a nice affordable Honda car that you
can use as a nice driver with great fuel mileage then you have found
it. Here is your chance to buy that Honda you've always wanted. Please
do not wait long on this car, which is still in great condition ready
to be yours if you are serious about the purchase. Well my reasons for
selling the car this cheaper is because i`m going through a lot right
now because this car was for my daughter who just passed away 2 months
ago to cancer and she used this car for barely a 6 months which i
bought for her on her 21st birthday, so since she died there is no one
around to ride the car and having the car around reminds me a lot
about her and that`s a real hard feeling for me to deal with.

The price I am placing for this car is $1000 and it`s firm. To bring
to your notice I wish to sell my car to somebody who really needs a
car and not buying because it is kind of cheep, people like college
students, low income earners, family person talking of single parents
to help them to school and from their place of work and back home in

Feel Free to ask any question's or clarification on how the whole
process work. I shall brief you with full details on how everything is
going to work. I`m presently located in Philadelphia, PA and i will
also like to know where you are located. Shipping will not be a
problem if you are far from me. I want to get the Car sold fast since
i will leaving soon for Canada. So if you are interested then email me
back for more info's and details with regards to the purchase.

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